Posters & Talks



  • [June ‘23] - Candidacy Exam Presentation on Majorization Techniques for Entropy Bounds at EPFL, Switzerland. (Slides)

  • [June ‘23] - Conference Presentation on Information Spectrum Converse for Minimum Entropy Couplings and Functional Representations at ISIT 2023, Taiwan. (Slides)

  • [June ‘23] - Conference Presentation on On the (Im)possibility of Commitment over Gaussian Unfair Noisy Channels at ISIT 2023, Taiwan. (Slides)

  • [April ‘23] - Talk on Information-theoretically secure Commitment over Noisy Channels at EPFL, Switzerland. (Slides)

  • [Jan. ‘22] - Talk on Commitment Capacity under Cost Constraints at Laborataire ETIS, ENSEA, CNRS, France. (Slides)

  • [July ‘21] - Conference Presentation on Commitment over Compound Binary Symmetric Channels at NCC 2021, India. (Slides) (Video)