Undergraduate Projects

Subcarrier Estimation in OFDM Systems using Deep Learning

  • Studied the working of OFDM systems, and various conventional methods for the blind estimation of the number of subcarriers.

  • Generated the Dataset for received symbols on MATLAB, trained and tested a DNN model for estimating the number of subcarriers at the receiver for different modulation techniques.

  • Established a comparison to show our designed Deep learning model has better estimation accuracy than other statistical methods.

OFDM Communication Systems

  • Studied the working of OFDM systems and other multiplexing techniques used in different cellular technologies.

  • Generated the dataset for received symbols in a UAV-based Communication System on MATLAB environment.

  • Designed and trained a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architecture for CFO equalization and trained the deep learning model.

Design of 1KB DRAM using LTSpice

  • Studied the layout and operation of the DRAM cell, including the charging & discharging mechanism, pre-charging circuit and the sense amplifier.

  • Designed and Simulated a 1 KB DRAM using 1024 1-Transistor, 1-capacitor memory cells using logic gates for multiplexing and the sense and send amplifier in LTspice.